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How Toolchain started

Toolchain was founded in 2018 by Benjy Weinberger and John Sirois who worked to improve developer productivity at Google, Twitter, and Foursquare. The lack of quality build tooling they experienced  in 2010 led them to create the initial version of Pants OSS—an open-source solution and budding community with a mission to bring fast, stable builds to software teams of all sizes.

How it's going

Open source innovation

Pants OSS is easy to adopt and use without refactoring a codebase or writing tons of configuration and metadata. Pants focused on Python as the first supported language, but added support for other languages and frameworks such as Go, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Shell, Docker and Helm, and others to come soon. 

Toolchain's value add

Toolchain, built on Pants OSS, is a CI acceleration system for creating and orchestrating fast, stable CI workflows. Toolchain analyzes your code and its dependencies to automatically apply fine-grained caching and concurrency to CI work such as testing, linting, packaging, and more.

Efficient processes

With Toolchain, workflows are fast, secure, and easy to maintain and reproduce in any environment byusing smart analysis instead of laborious configuration.

Improved user experience

The result is improved developer productivity, reduced CI time, and increased stability across multiple contributors and teams.

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